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There are some things in life that cannot be replaced by technological advances or displaced by new “innovative” designs. Such is the case of the straight razor, as those men partial to this age old method shaving will say about electric and hand held razors. The tried and true method of using a straight razor for the closest shave possible is said to be incomparable.

Nashville Knife Shop not only offers a wide array of knives and knife accessories, but also a beautiful selection of straight razors such as Dove. The straight razors offered by Nashville Knife Shop set the standard of craftsmanship and exhibit true artistry. Choices in colors and styles of the straight razors available vary and include an imitation tortoise shell handle which truly makes a stunning piece.

Buying a straight razor at Nashville Knife Shop couldn't be easier! Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, are purchasing a straight razor as a gift or are a beginner to using a straight razor: the selection and informative nature of Nashville Knife Shop's website will allow for the perfect browsing opportunity and subsequent well informed purchase. The straight razor sets offered by Nashville Knife Shop are perfect for the beginner and include a leather strop essential for proper care. Also available is the five piece deluxe set which includes straight razor, leather strop with swivel tab, brush, brush stand and soap dish with premium cake soap. When purchasing a straight razor or straight razor set from Nashville Knife shop, it usually ships on the same business day and posted customer testimonials rave about the speed of shipping.

The customer oriented character and service of Nashville Knife Shop is evident on their website with a link to a complete listing of straight razor facts and information on care and use. Confident in the quality craftsmanship of their product, Nashville Knife Shop strives to provide its customers with the knowledge and tools needed to enjoy the longest possible and most effective use of their straight razor. Remember to take proper care of your razor for years of use.

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