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So you have decided to move to Seattle, the beautiful and often rainy capital of Washington State. 

Your first task should be to learn a bit more about the city itself.  One of the nicknames for Seattle is the Rainy city this is because it receives over thirty-six inches of rain per year.  The other reason for this name is because it rains over fifty percent of the time.  One of the great things about Seattle is that there is very little snow.  In fact due to Seattle’s proximity to the ocean the temperature rarely drops below freezing.  There is a consistency in temperature, which can be a very attractive feature to a potential homebuyer.

Seattle is located on Puget Sound and is just over one hundred and ten miles from the Canadian border.  This fact also is a large plus for residents with many residents commuting back and forth to Canada on a frequent basis.

So now we know more about Seattle its geographic location and weather how do we go about finding a realtor to purchase some Seattle real estate?

The first and most obvious choice is to use the Internet.  Any of the major three search engines will help you in this task.  Lets try entering Buy Seattle Real Estate and see what we find.

Wow lots of great information. I always try to use a reputable website so how about we try under the real estate section.

They provide a form to fill in which will match you up to available houses based on your criteria such as price, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. 

With this screening process you are weeding out any unsuitable homes.

When you decide upon a home it is a good idea to check out your realtor carefully.  Can you get references from past clients?  Have you checked with the local Better Business Bureau is there any references to your agent?

Most realtors are honest hardworking people so you should not have any issues.  We suggest you call a number of realtors to get a feel for their business style.  Do they sound motivated to find you a great house?  If so go check out a few homes in your price range.  Your realtor can save you many hours of research.  They also know the Seattle area much better then you do.

Try this exercise before you find your first Seattle realtor.  Sit down with your family and make a wish list of all the things you want in your Seattle home.  Go ahead and put the high-ticket items also like a pool or Jacuzzi.  Make sure you consider the total amount of acreage you want also and other costs for seattle relocation. Have fun with it and put down everything for your ideal Seattle home. 

Once you have your dream home list email it to five Seattle Realtors. If you are looking to sell Seattle real estate let the Realtor make your life much easier and sell your Seattle home successfully.  There is hundreds of qualified Seattle realtors to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits you perfectly.


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