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Many couples purchase a home in the early years of their marriage. Once the children start arriving, the house seems to shrink. There is simply not enough room for everything. This happened to me. I was living in a very cozy home. The arrival of my first child did cramp things for our family, but we managed. Once my second child came into the family, it was obvious that we had to purchase a larger home. But, before we could buy a new home, we had to sell our home.

If I wanted anyone to buy my house, I realized I would have to take a look at it from a prospective buyers perspective. I was sure that whoever was going to buy my house was going to be either a young couple, single person, or retirees. Taking a look at the toys, baby items and the like which had accumulated in my home I realized they made my home look smaller than what it was.

The first thing I did was to plan for a yard sale. I gathered up all the things my children had outgrown and got rid of them. This put a major dent in the amount of “junk” I had laying around. Next, I returned items to their rightful owners. I followed that up by putting closet organizers in each bedroom and putting most of the children's things away. When all of that was completed, I was certain my home looked cozy again and most anyway would want to buy my house. It was amazing how much the “stuff” had taken away from its appearance!

If you are planning to put your house on the market, you should view it from the perspective of a future buyer. While you may want to hang onto many items, they may impede you from getting a buyer. Have a yard sale, return any borrowed items you may still have and organize the rest. This is what helped me to get someone to buy my house. Find a new home or furnished apartment to live in.

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