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If you would like to give a unique holiday gift to a young person, you should buy music for them. While this is not a new concept, it is rather unique when adults do it for teens. When adults buy music for teens, you are sending the message to them that you are truly interested in them and their interests. Most adults will purchase a useful, but boring articles of clothing such as sweaters or sweat shirts for the teens in their extended family. There are many adults who are leery of buying for teens. The generation gap greatly intimidates them and they do not want to give a gift that is laughable in the eyes of “hip” teenager. Buy music and you and your teen will make a connection.

It is not heard to buy music for teens. In fact, with a little research you can find out what style of music they like. By asking their parents or siblings you can easily come up with a list of possible CDs. Each teen is different. Some prefer rap, pop, or country while others may only listen to contemporary Christian or hip hop. But, regardless of the genre–most teenagers listen to and love music. Find out what style of music the teen in your family enjoys listening to and it will not be hard to buy music for them.

If you are still intimidated to buy music for the teens in your family, you may want to consider purchasing them a gift certificate. This will allow them to pick out their own CDs. You can buy music gift certificates on the Internet. While you are purchasing music or certificates for the teens in your family be sure to buy music for yourself, too.

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