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No one wants to talk about neglect and child abuse. It is a very sad subject. No one wants to think about their child being abused or neglected by a care giver. When we trust someone to love and care for our little one while we work, the fact remains that we truly do not know what happens when we are away. If you have a care giver come into your home, you should buy hidden cameras. While this may seem like an invasion of a person's privacy, you should keep in mind that many child abuse discoveries which have been made were done through hidden cameras.

Buy hidden cameras and install them throughout your home. You can buy hidden cameras which are very small that can be placed in objects in your home, such as a clock or fire detector. You may be nervous when you first install the hidden cameras. This is natural. However, you shouldn't feel that you are doing anything wrong. You are only trying to protect the most important thing in your life, your baby or small child.

Hopefully, you will find that your child is receiving much love and attention from their care giver while you are away. If this is the case, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and truly come to trust the person who is watching your child. If you see evidence that your child is not receiving the proper care he should you can promptly dismiss your care giver. If you find your child is being neglected or abused, you should turn your tape over to the authorities. Buy hidden cameras and ensure your child is safe and protected while you are away.

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