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As our post modern industrial age progresses; protecting and purifying air quality in indoor spaces has become a major concern. In response to the growing demand, there are now countless varieties of hepa air purifier available to the consumer. A High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA, air purifier removes large and microscopic particles such as dust, pollen and dander from the air. The use of activated carbon removes contaminants such as chemical vapors and volatile organic compounds which can be emitted from common household cleaners. Trusted brands for air cleaners include Austin air , IQAir and AllerAir. When purchasing a hepa air purifier, there are several things to consider in order to choose one that will best meet your needs.

First and foremost, determine the size of the space in which you plan on using the air purifier. Not only are the dimensions of the room a factor, but also how closed or open the space is; taking into consideration the height of the ceiling. The size and shape of spaces that a particular air purifier will work most effectively in is listed in the product specifications.
Once you've determined the size of the unit needed, next consider what types of pollutants need to be removed from the environment. Some commercial spaces, such as dentist offices may have specific chemical removal needs and seek out specially designed air filters. However, most homes and office spaces commonly have molds, bacteria, and dust in the air and need just a basic hepa air purifier. Recent concerns about ozone being emitted from certain air purifiers had prompted ozone free models and may be a consideration upon your purchase.

Other questions to address while choosing a hepa air purifier to improve indoor air quality may be the energy efficiency of a particular model or the amount of noise it makes when it runs. In addition to cost, also consider the warranty and replacement policy offered by the manufacturer. Finally, when you've chosen the appropriate hepa air purifier to meet your needs; determine the cost and ease of replacing the filters to maintain optimal air quality.

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