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Okay, I admit that I am a CD addict. I spend hours on the Internet searching down artists of many genres. I simply love music and I get excited when I buy CDs. When I buy CDs I do not just put them on the shelf to gather dust. In fact, if you ever come to my home you can almost be guaranteed to find me listening to one of my CDs.

I buy CDs of all types. I have bluegrass, country, southern rock, classic rock, contemporary Christian and more. I might listen to Hank Jr., followed by Elvis or Ozzy. You might hear Eric Clapton pouring out of my home, or Allison Krauss. I do not have a system when I buy CDs, I just simply look on the Internet and spend time listening to samples. I base my decision on which CDs to buy on whether the music strikes a chord in me, or not. I don't buy CDs to just have them.

I do have to admit that I do not own any classical music, opera or Broadway show tunes. I have just never found myself drawn to them and have never been prompted to buy CDs of that genre for myself. I do buy CDs for my sister in that vein. She is a classical music buff. So, I do buy CDs that I don't listen to, they are just for someone else.

I have tried to extend my love for music to others. I buy CDs for family and friends around the holidays. With a little undercover work I can snoop through their music collection to see what they like. I can then decide which artists I think they would enjoy based upon my discoveries and I buy CDs for them.

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