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There is nothing sweeter than baby feet. They are so soft and cuddly that you want to smother them with kisses. Getting a peal of laughter from a baby only adds to the sweetness. Many of us would be happy if we never had to put our baby's feet in shoes. We love looking and tickling them that much. However, as soft and sweet as their feet are, the only way to protect baby feet is to buy baby shoes.

When you buy baby shoes, you should make sure the end is very boxy. Babies love to wiggle their toes and their feet should never be encased in a shoe that is pointy at the tip. Baby feet are made up of soft cartilages. They will harden into bone as they grow, but until then you should only buy baby shoes that are flexible. You want your baby's feet to be protected, but you also want them to have free movement within the shoe.

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One of the most important features you should look for when you buy baby shoes is to look for a non-skid surface. This is crucial. When babies start pulling up and learning to walk, they don't need the added stress of their feet sliding out from under them. This can be frustrating to a baby, as well as dangerous. They can fall back and hit their small heads. The soles of your baby's shoes should also be flat, lightweight and made of a breathable material.

It is important to buy baby shoes regularly. Baby feet can grow at a rapid pace and you should never cram your baby's feet into a pair of shoes that are too tight. This can deform your child's feet quicker than you think.

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