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I do not understand computers. When it comes time to buy a computer, I am at a loss. I do not understand what I should be looking for or what is considered a great deal. About a month ago there was no putting it off, I had to buy a computer. I was working on a ten-year-old computer which wasn't allowing me to get around fast enough.

Rather than freaking out over my lack of computer knowledge, I simply did a little research on the Internet. I educated myself on what I should be looking for to suit my needs. I at least wanted to know what brands to look for when I went to buy a computer. I only managed to learn enough to cover the basics, but I did purchase my computer with relatively little pain, and I am thoroughly pleased with it.

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I do believe there are some individuals who will never grasp computer terminology, and I am one of them. I can browse on one and operate my word processing software. However, I do not truly know about bytes, speeds, security settings, browser settings and more. One time I messed up my computer so bad trying to get it to do something, that I wanted to throw it into the garbage and go buy a computer to start fresh!

Instead of buying a computer, I decided to call in someone who could help me. It was my teenager! Yes, unfortunately I am one of those individuals who has a child who can maneuver around a computer better than an adult. She did manage to undo my damage with a few clicks of the mouse. My advice to anyone who wants to buy a computer because they think they have “broken” theirs is to enlist the help of a teenager. If you don't have a teenager in your home, simply look around the neighborhood. Computer help is out there in the guise of gawky adolescents. Not sure you have enough money to afford the computer you want? Try miliary loans and computer financing from military loan company.

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